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3.5" 'Beast Mode' Intake

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Brand: TurboSocks Performance

Our intakes are one-piece welded. The welds are done via a machine welding technique for a perfect bead and penetration every time. The reasoning for the welded vs. mandrel bent one piece is the lack of need for a tangent (straight section) this allows us to have the highest possible radius for our two bends, creating the highest and smoothest flow possible! These come standard in a clean, polished finished, unless a power-coating option is chosen.

  • The intake bracket is made out of Stainless Steel.
  • The bracket is mounted UNDER the intake, so you wont even see it, for a much cleaner look.
  • Bracket is connected to the valve cover so the intake will move WITH the engine, instead of against it.
  • Breather fitting it in 100% original location, which means you will be able to use stock breather line.
  • Our intakes use the largest radius bends on the market , allowing the highest possible flow for the best performance potential.
  • (Optional) Our Dual Cone filter is the highest flowing filter possible to fit in the available space. The massive surface area means that there is very little restriction from the filter. Filters are re-chargeable and lifetime re-usable!
  • Powdercoating can take up to an additional 3-4 weeks or so, depending on powdercoating schedules. If you can’t wait on them, order them standard. There will be no refunds or returns on custom powdercoating. There will be no cancellations in order due to not wanting to wait or you will incur a MINIMUM 25% restocking fee. (POWDERCOATING STOPPED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)
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