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Due to global product shortages, depending on the date of order, there may be around a 4-6 week back order on this item. If you would like to know the availability, contact us BEFORE ordering. Refunds requested AFTER ordering will incur a 3% refund fee.

For installation instructions, please check out the support area of our website! Download the extremely detailed PDF and you can view from your screen or print it out. This will help avoid potential installation problems and let you know what to double check!

***NOTE: for the best cooling efficiency, either use a Pierce crash bar that raises the intercooler (available on our site) or mount the intercooler directly to the crash bar. Included brackets are for ease of installation!!

If you run an aftermarket hot pipe that removes the stock rubber hose, you will need to modify the included hot pipe to fit with the aftermarket hot pipe.

Just uploaded! People have been asking for dyno results pre and post tune using our FMIC setup and full bolt ons. Above is one of our customers with full bolt ons, utilizing our FMIC kit before and after his tune. These are currently some of the highest numbers out there without an engine failure soon after. Car is still running strong!

We are proud to offer the ORIGINAL Big FMIC kit for the Hyundai Veloster Turbo. We were the first in the game and promise to provide the best value into the future.

BOV is now an OPTION, giving you the flexibility to go with a name-brand valve that will work on the HKS flange! The cold pipe is HKS flanged and will NOT work with stock BOV or other BOVs that fit the stock location!!

The intercooler is centered with the radiator/condensor and allows for the FMIC CAI setup as well as our aftermarket oil cooler

*Anodizing disclaimer: Anodized Heat Exchangers and Intercoolers do not always take 100% to the color but the majority of the cooler will be coated and look well behind the grill.*

The details of the kit are as follows:

  • 22"x8"x3.5" high efficiency bar and plate Intercooler
  • 100% silicone 3-4 ply reinforced couplers (Black)
  • Galvanized 1/8" thick mounting brackets
  • Stainless Steel T-bolt Clamps
  • 2mm thick Aluminum charge pipes with HKS BOV flange and BPS flange on charge pipe
  • All necessary install hardware

Tired of the stock Intercooler with its inherent heat soak issues? Want a big FMIC to more efficiently drop the IATs while combating the heat soaking of the poor stock cooler design? Want something that not only combines performance with great value? Look no further than this Intercooler kit designed by Turbosocks.

This kit features one of the biggest cores you can fit behind the bumper with the shortest charge piping possible. Keeping the charge piping length down not only cuts down on performance but decreases the amount of lag introduced from long, complex charge piping.

We will guarantee the best bang for the buck on all of our products. You WILL not be able to match the dollar for dollar power with any other Veloster Turbo products anywhere!!!

Average turnover on these is 1-2 weeks. Please allow us this amount of time before inquiring about its status!

Here is a install video made by our friends over at KDMTUNERS:

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