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Carbon Fiber Intake Airbox Extension

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Product Details
Brand: TurboSocks Performance

This is the Carbon Fiber Airbox for use with our Beast Mode intake.

This airbox is good for a very quiet intake system, while still utilizing the 3.5" tubing.

You will notice a very drastic reduction in noise with this airbox. There will be a small performance loss due to the filter being inside the box and having less surface area but there will still be an improvement over the stock system.

Airbox extensions are NOT stocked and can take around two weeks until shipment.

These will be a tight fit and you can use the included box bracket system to custom mount the box.

Included in this kit is the following:

  • Carbon Fiber Airbox with pre-installed filter
  • 3.5" to 3" silicone coupler (to adapt to end of beast mode intake)
  • Universal bracket mounting system
  • Flexible CAI extension (to be routed to wheel well)
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