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Sly-Skirt's Full-Length Side Skirts

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Product Details
Brand: Turbosocks - Sly-skirts

Full-Length ABS custom Side-Skirts for your first generation VT (2012-2018), and the 2017-2018 ES!

What's not to love about these ABS (not crappy FRP) Side skirts?

- They offer a clean, simple design, yet tons of attitude to your car, while not breaking the bank

- Side skirts are made right here in the USA, not overseas in China like some others on the market

- Equipped with large rear winglets, giving them an extremely aggressive look

- Actually follow the lines of your vehicle

- These come in a matte black, but can be wrapped or painted after purchase. Looks good either way

- Attachment hardware IS INCLUDED - 3M, double-sided tape can work, but using the provided hardware is strongly recommended

NOTE: You can expect shipment within 5-10 business days. We ship these via USPS Priority Mail, so they will reach anywhere in the country 1-3 business days after drop-off.

***Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and circumstances outside of our control, please note that processing & shipment times may be slower than usual***

For the Install:

  • I recommend using a light amount of double-sided tape, so that one can mount them in a desired position before applying hardware (makes the install easier for a single individual)
  • The skirts can be attached all the way inward, so that the rear-winglets are extremely close to the side of the vehicle, or they can be mounted farther out, for a more aggressive look
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