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Throttle Body Spacer

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Product Details
Brand: Torque Solutions

These spacers are made for the Genesis Coupe but work for the Veloster as well. You will need to purchase new bolts BEFORE installation if you are using this on a Veloster! You can remove one of your bolts, measure it and add the thickness of the spacer for length needed!! If you are using this on a Genesis, you will be fine!

This Torque Solutions Throttle Body Spacer enables you do easily run up to 2 different sensors or ports without any drilling or tapping into vacuum lines.

Due to wanting quick turnaround times, the spacer might be red or silver depending on current stock. They don’t stand out very much so the color doesn’t really stand out!

If you have to have one of the colors, please send us an email and we can let you know if there will be a delay or not!

You can run meth injection, boost sensors, temp sensors, etc. through either of these ports. If you don't have any sensors yet, the spacer comes with 2 plugs so you can install first and easily plug and play later!

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